Let’s talk about sex, baby. Patrick Holford style.

I’ve just been flicking through Patrick Holford‘s Optimum Nutrition Bible. Naturally, the page on sex (p. 217) jumped out at me…

I was surprised to see that “[i]n [Holford’s] opinion the best method of contraception for any couple is knowing when ovulation occurs through observing temperature and vaginal mucus changes”. I know this was written in the 1990s – when Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) may have been less publicised – but this ‘natural’ method of contraception does have a number of disadvantages.

In fairness, Holford does acknowledge that condoms may be necessary for some parts of a woman’s cycle. However, for many or most people, it will be best for them to use ‘unnatural’ methods of contraception and of protection against STDs – condoms being an obvious example. Certainly, for Holford to argue that the ‘natural’ method of contraception which he advocates is best for “any couple” is not good advice.



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2 responses to “Let’s talk about sex, baby. Patrick Holford style.

  1. pv

    Holford for Pope, I say!

  2. Jon

    Nah, he does suggesting using condoms some of the time. Not that I’m any kind of theologian, but I think that means that – unless you confess your ‘sin’ – you’re still going to enjoy eternal damnation. At least it will be a more natural damnation, though…

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