Patrick Holford and His Insights on the Scourge of Depression

Patrick Holford provides remarkable insights that are worth every penny of the subscription that people purchase for their own enlightenment and that of others. In the May 2007 newsletter, we learn this nugget of wisdom that will stand you in great stead, the next time that you are dithering in the supermarket.

There’s poor logic in treating diet and lifestyle-related diseases, like breast cancer and heart disease, primarily with drugs that block some enzyme in the body, thus usually creating side-effects. It makes much more sense to correct the factors that led to your body or mind going out of balance in the first place. For example, omega 3 deficiency can cause depression. Prozac deficiency does not. [My emphasis.]

So, if you were wondering how best to spend the household budget, sardines rather than Prozac: or sardines and Prozac if your GP prescribed it and economise elsewhere. The gnomic poignancy of Holford’s insights is hard to beat. There are no prizes, but I would welcome suggestions that encapsulate more of these profound observations:

X deficiency can cause something nasty. Y deficiency does not.



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2 responses to “Patrick Holford and His Insights on the Scourge of Depression

  1. Tifosi

    How about:

    Thinking deficiency in a Patrick Holford article causes brain cell death; HolfordWatch does not.


    Laughter deficiency causes sadness; Chocolate does not

  2. Shinga

    Nicely done, Tifosi.

    However, there are people for whom a chocolate deficiency can contribute to a feeling of sadness. In general, I take your point.

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