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Patrick Holford and His Tap-Dancing on the Late Late Show

Patrick Holford the international bowel-whisperer and supplement entrepreneur is familiar to us. Prepare to be dazzled by Patrick Holford the tap-dancer as he delivers a very partial account both of the training of nutritionists and the status of his own nutritional qualifications in a bravura performance on RTE’s The Late Late Show.

Patrick Holford had a 20 minute slot to promote Food Is Better Medicine Than Drugs on the Late Late Show (watch the video). As with the recent encounter Patrick Holford v. Dr. Sarah Jarvis smackdown on GMTV (partial transcript and commentary), Holford came up against one of those splendidly feisty women GPs who have embraced the right to speak their minds plainly in fine contradistinction to anything that their mothers might have tried to instill into them regarding that stifling social convention, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.

Discussions on the Late Late Show tend to be conducted in the seductively attractive cadences of well-read Hibernians and are both entertaining and soothing even if you have no interest in the subject-matter. Read remainder of entry


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Skeptics’ Circle 64 Is Up at The Skeptical Alchemist

The Skeptics’ Circle 64 is up at The Skeptical Alchemist. Learn about The New Truth University and their amazing offerings that bear an uncanny resemblance to something that we covered recently on Holford Watch Read on for more!

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Patrick Holford, Glutamine and Autism

Patrick Holford frequently advises people to heal their gut with the use of glutamine. He particularly recommends the value of glutamine for gut-healing in children on the autistic spectrum.

Restoring a healthy gut by supplementing digestive enzymes and probiotics is known to produce positive results in autistic children. The amino acid glutamine is especially important in restoring the integrity of the digestive tract. Drinking 5g dissolved in water just before bedtime can help heal the gut.
[Emphasis added.]

Some version of that advice appears in a number of the Holford books and websites. Oddly enough, the advice on this topic on Food for the Brain (FFTB) has been modified to indicate that glutamine may be contra-indicated with children with ASD (autistic spectrum disorders), but Holford has yet to update any of his other writings to reflect those changes. Read on for more


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