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Wakefield will not be “struck off for…challenging the status quo”; in other news, bear defecates in the woods

22I wasn’t at all sure if I wanted to post this. I’m with Dr Crippen in being less than happy about the additional publicity going to the ‘evidence’ that MMR causes autism. However, I think it’s worth returning to Holford’s claim that “Dr Andrew Wakefield…is facing a hearing with the General Medical Council, and may be struck off for, in effect, challenging the status quo”. With Wakefield’s GMC hearing coming up, these issues will get a lot of publicity anyway…

Holford’s claims was not just wrong – it was very predictably wrong (I predicted it, not that I’d expect any credit for predicting something this obvious). The GMC has now released its charges against Wakefield – challenging the status quo is, unsurprisingly, not among them. Continue reading


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