Skeptic’s Circle, and a doctor’s spleen

I don’t know, you can’t put together a decent conspiracy nowadays without some daft blogger publishing all the details on his public site.  All these years of working with Big Pharma, the Illuminati, and the alien lizards – planning for ultra-secret Skeptic’s Circle action – and now the Conspiracy Factor blog has put all the details online.  Doh – I mean, working with people like that, what can you do…  Anyway, it’s there now, so you may as well read about this week’s Skeptic’s Circle – before They take down the evidence.  Please leave your details here, or on the Conspiracy Factor blog, to facilitate Their tracking you down and erasing your memory; thanks in advance for your cooperation.

It comes too late for inclusion in the Circle – though on the basis of this sterling work the good doctor will be welcome at our next planning meeting, after the necessary initiation – but Dr Aust’s blogging spleen also benefits from examination.  Go and read about his investigation of Patrick Holford‘s mentors and inspirations.


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