Holford on Tour: at last, South Africa has the help they need!

The excellent Moonflake blog has just posted to point out that Holford has featured on the KFM breakfast show (in the Cape). All I can say that, given South Africa’s problems with HIV/AIDS, their President’s unfortunate stance on evidence-based treatments for HIV/AIDS, and the wonderful contribution that the orthomolecular medicine pioneer and vitamin hero Matthias Rath has made to the health of the nation, thank God that Holford is also using his media profile to contribute to the public understanding of science and nutrition.

Yes, I am being sarcastic.



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7 responses to “Holford on Tour: at last, South Africa has the help they need!

  1. Yeah, Holford has a big fan base here. Bioharmony vitamins carry a Holford range, his books are all available, and he’s been out a couple of times for talks and tours. I have been told that he’s also involved in starting up the South African Association for Nutritional Therapists (SAANT). SA, like the UK, has no legislation for what a ‘nutritionist’ or ‘nutritional therapist’ is, so he and his ilk have found a fertile stomping ground over here.

  2. Wherever there are companies named Bioharmony, there will always be wootritionists…

    SAANT, eh? Wonder if they are as well regulated as BANT members or the wonderfully ethical homeopathy organisations SoH and NASH.

    Phew! It’s OK, they have a code-of-ethics… http://www.saant.org.za/about/appendix1.html

  3. LeeT

    I did ask SAANT a short time ago whether they had any links with The Rath Foundation. They don’t so we can all breathe a sigh of relief …

    On Patrick Holford’s last visit to South Africa he stated that he had never met or spoken with Rath: Does this mean they have been in contact by letter or email? He quotes Rath approvingly in “The Optimum Bible”‘s chapter on how to have a healthy heart.

    Rath researcher Jariwalla very kindly and spontaneously wrote letters to “The Guardian” in support of Mr Holford re HIV/vitamin C. (One of the letters was published.)

    Are we to believe Holford has never met or spoken to Jariwalla?

  4. Claire

    Some encouraging findings from a study of mortality rates in a subgroup of HIV infected people taking long-term medication: “HIV-Infected Adults With a CD4 Cell Count Greater Than 500 Cells/mm3 on Long-Term Combination Antiretroviral Therapy Reach Same Mortality Rates as the General Population” . Source: Medscape (need to register, then it’s free) – http://www.medscape.com/viewprogram/8139?src=nlcmealert

  5. Ciaran Ryan

    I can’t seem to see any mention of PH from the Radio link provided. Could you please give something more specific as otherwise how do I know your claim is valid?

  6. I did link a KFM page on Holford in the post, but apologies if that wasn’t quite clear. Anyway, see here for some of Holford’s advice and KFM making clear that “Every morning on Kfm Breakfast, Patrick Holford gives us ideas on how to improve our physical well being.
    Make a date at 6:15 with Patrick Holford’s Power Breakfast.”

  7. LeeT

    “RDA … or as Patrick calls it: Ridiculous Dietary Arbitrary” What a bizarre thing to say. The leaflet that brought about the first ASA adjudication against Mr Holford in 2003 stated “Most of what you are being told by the Government, in the papers, on TV and by your doctor, is wrong” Since then he and his nutrition therapists have been more positive about the benefits of working with other health professionals. Nice to know that, once out of the country, he tells us what he really thinks ….

    “And the great thing about vitamins is: you can’t overdo it.” He really needs to buy a copy of “Nutrition for Dummies” available for about £6 on Amazon and read chapters nine and 22.

    Regarding the claim about vitamin C, broccoli and oranges gram per gram he is correct. However, you need to think about whether the broccoli is raw, frozen or boiled. The orange I have just eaten weighed about 200g, but the three broccoli florets I’ll be having for dinner are about 125g. Therefore, I conclude oranges are a better source of vitamin C. (See the US department of Agriculture nutrient database for further information if you are still not convinced.)

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