Dr Crippen Is Alive and Well

Dr Crippen of NHS Blog Doc is alive and well; it is absurd that one should need to state this but a (hopefully) short-lived hoax is claiming that he is dead. Understandably there is some concern but Wat Tyler of Burning Our Money is a longstanding friend of Dr Crippen and he states unequivocally that there is no truth to this cruel story.

Like Mark Twain, the rumours of Dr Crippen’s death have been greatly exaggerated. [Update: Wat Tyler thinks that the Macca parallel is stronger].

It is utterly despicable that someone should do this. It can be scant consolation to Dr Crippen that so many commenters and bloggers are referring to him as magisterial and even beloved. This hoax has distressed a substantial number of people.

Update 1: DK of Devil’s Kitchen: I feel that I should point out that

Angry Medic: NHS Blog Doc: A Terrible Rumour

Doctor Anonymous: NHS Blog Doctor: What’s Happened?

Mr Hunnybun of A Day at the Pharmacy: Where Is Dr Crippen?

Kevin M.D.: Dr. Crippen

Cathy of Cathy’s Place to blog: Dr Crippen…I pray it is not so

Cal of Of Short White Coats and Stethoscopes: Someone Tell Me the Truth, Please

Update 2: Account from person claiming to be the perpetrator of the hoax (1st comment): Dr Crippen “not dead” shock

Update 3: Crippen Does A Macca Shock



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3 responses to “Dr Crippen Is Alive and Well

  1. I did it for the lulz, f***o.

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