More Dore: “The dyslexic brain is like a colander…We are training the cerebellum to become a bucket”

Large seal balances man on nose, caption reads, You stole my bucket

Another break from Patrick Holford coverage for an update on some Dore news: tribunal results, a vanishing research paper, and a wonderful quote. Firstly, the Dore research paper so ably fisked by Brainduck (and which, if you believe the research is good quality – I don’t – shows that Dore is not useful for a substantial proportion of (potential) clients) has now been removed from its previous location. Of course, I can’t know why – but would hope that Dore has realised the poor quality of the research, and is even now preparing to issue a retraction and a promise to do better next time.

Secondly, an employment tribunal considering a claim against Dore has found that a “woman born with deformities to her arms and legs after her mother took Thalidomide was subjected to harassment at work because of her disability.” Given that Dore claims to help people with various disabilities and specific learning difficulties, this behaviour is even less classy than it would be in most run-of-the-mill employers.

Finally, I Speak of Dreams reports a wonderful quote from Rosanne Dore, apparently given back in 2003 when she was a Communications Manager for the DDAT centres in the UK (which now trade under the Dore brand):

The dyslexic brain is like a colander – a teacher pours in knowledge and if they keep doing it some will stay in the brain. But as soon as they stop the knowledge drains away.

We are training the cerebellum to become a bucket so when the child is filled with knowledge it stays there.

Ah, right. So all the dyslexic people who have learned a great deal without Dore, and haven’t forgotten it, and are contributing to society in all kinds of valuable ways, don’t exist? The stupid in that statement would burn badly enough as it is, if it weren’t also insulting the intelligence of the countless un-Dored dyslexics in the world.

And, given the amount of poor quality research that the Dore company has been (proudly) associated with, I think that they should put their own house in order – plug some of the gaps in their colander, if you like – before they go around trying to sell other people buckets.



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