Quackometer blog threatened with spurious legal action. Again.

A short break from Patrick Holford coverage, to report that the Quackometer’s host has been sent a wonderfully entertaining e-mail on behalf of ‘Professor Dr’ Joseph Chikelue Obi: demanding that Netcetera

immediately shut down the website and delete all of the defamatory material relating to the Royal College of Alternative Medicine, Professor Dr Obi and our clients` lawfully registered Trademarks.

It’s impossible to read this e-mail without picturing someone sticking their little finger in their mouth and stroking a fluffy cat.

Worryingly, though, both the Quackometer’s hosts and Google appear to have taken this nonsense seriously: Google Ireland has removed some pages from their index, while Le Canard Noir’s hosts Netcetera have asked that he has removed the ‘offending’ pages. A suitable quantity of white roses are currently in the post.

All I can think now is the South Park episode Trapped in the Closet – which ends with a crowd shouting abuse at Stan:

We are gonna sue your ass AND your balls…How dare you mock our faith…You’ll be hearing from our lawyers tomorrow!

Clearly, the South Park crowd had undergone considerable training in order to reach ‘Professor Dr’ Obi’s level of coherent and eloquent argument.

I also wish that Google and Netcera would take note of Stan’s response to these threats. Sometimes, you can’t say it better than a cartoon elementary school student:

Okay, good! Do it! I’m not scared of you! Sue me!

But will Netcetera and Google have the guts to stand by the Quackometer and resist Obi’s threats?

What is it with men of a certain age with grand illusions about their achievements who are not above a few creative touches to their CV and work history? The sort of men who disseminate anger and invective in large quantities (usually in the form of faux-legal letters) yet are hypersensitive in response to perceived slights to their amour-propre? The sort who perceive realistic appraisal of their actions or work to be defamatory? It speaks to some low-level of insight, somewhere, surely, that they are aware of how ghastly a robust yet verifiable appraisal of their activities and work seem to others-surely?

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Update:25 Jan: Prof Obi has even more of an interesting life as a correspondent that we might otherwise have imagined. Afficionados fondly refer to the more outlandish of the BMJ’s Rapid Responses as Rabid Responses which may give some flavour of the type of comment that the editors are willing to tolerate. To select one example of his less-controversial comments, Prof Obi has used the Rapid Responses to publicise: The ‘Obi’ Protocol For ‘Medically Incurable Cancer’ : A Celebration Of Pure Hope. The protocol refers to the usual suspects of supplements, “natural analgesia” and supervision by a ‘wellness consultant’.

Eventually, however, the normally charming and tolerant Richard Smith was moved to outlines the awkwardness of his position: The tiresome and underemployed Dr Obi.

Correspondents like Dr Obi present a problem for the BMJ. They bombard us with rapid responses that make little sense and are full of anger and invective. They clearly don’t have enough to do. Their responses rarely if ever make it into the paper journal, but we have a policy with rapid responses of posting everything that isn’t obscene, libellous, incomprehensible, or wholly insubstantial. In other words, it’s a very low bar. You can, for example, be very rude and you can even be libellous of some of us–and certainly me.

Many of Dr Obi’s responses are libellous–and so don’t get posted. This was the case with the one that he refers to in his latest response.

The liveliness of Prof Obi’s multi-faceted life continues to astonish and amaze-we now learn of the existence of Another (imagine, if you will, that this was said in a suitably grave tone by Yoda). Learn about Another in LCN’s latest installment of this saga: Joseph and Andrew Obi: International Men of Mystery.

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6 responses to “Quackometer blog threatened with spurious legal action. Again.

  1. The South Park episode which I’m reminded of is actually “the Biggest Douche in the Universe”. Am I allowed to say that?

  2. Biggest Douche in the Universe? Well, there’s plenty of competition for that title but I’m pretty sure the Professor is up there with the ‘best’ of them.

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