Holford is not a Professor of Mental Health and Nutrition: He’s a Very Naughty Boy

HolfordMyths has posted on the FOIA documents recently released by Teesside University: noting that Teesside asked their Visiting Professor Holford to stop referring to himself as “Visiting Professor in Mental Health and Nutrition” (documents 12 and 17). Apparently, Teesside was keen to make clear that Holford would not be participating in the high quality research that their qualified nutritional researchers are carrying out in the School of Health and Social Care; actually, his Professorship was conferred by the School of Social Sciences and Law (document 14). However, there’s more to come out here: asking Holford to stop claiming to be Professor of Mental Health and Nutrition once wasn’t enough, and he has been a very naughty boy in the way he has referred to his Professorship.

Teesside initially contacted Holford on 24/8/07 to ask him to stop claiming to be a Visiting Professor in Mental Health and Nutrition (document 12). However, HolfordWatch has seen an e-mail that Holford’s Food for the Brain Foundation sent to its mailing list on 5/9/07 which refers to Holford as “Visiting Professor of Mental Health and Nutrition at the University of Teesside”. Naughty, naughty boy. This may explain why Teesside then contacted Holford again on (see document 13, 6/9/07 memo) to reiterate that he is not a Visiting Professor of Mental Health and Nutrition.

However, it appears that this may not have been enough: some biographies of Holford still refer to him in a way that might lead people to believe that he participating in Teesside’s high quality nutritional research. One conference biog for Holford refers to him as “Visiting Professor in the School of Social Sciences and Law at the University of Teesside, where he researches and pioneers nutritional approaches to mental health problems”.

I have asked Teesside whether they view this type of claim as appropriate: HolfordWatch is not aware of any significant research done by Holford at Teesside. However, to help out the qualified, experienced nutritionists at Teesside, HolfordWatch would like to emphasise that Prof Holford is not a Professor of Nutrition: he’s a very naughty boy with no accredited university-level qualifications in nutrition to his name.

With apologies to Monty Python.



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5 responses to “Holford is not a Professor of Mental Health and Nutrition: He’s a Very Naughty Boy

  1. You might like to take a look at this:

    Yes, infamous GMC-Barred British maverick and quackometer headache Dr Joseph Obi is supporting him (and that’s not a spoof blog, as much as it looks like one).

  2. That’s made my day, Martin. I got a sustained 15 seconds of uncontrollable mirth out of the patented Obi-prose… although the picture of PH with the strawberries did make me feel a bit queasy.

    Good to know the “luminaries” of AltMed are buddying up. In the Military Industrial Complex we refer to this as “Autonomous Clustering of High Value Targets”.

  3. lol, no problem. Anytime I want a fix of comedy, I just google Obi.

    Speaking of targets, I sent a thick dossier to the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement last week about his Royal College of Alternative Medicine. Should hear back soon… (see http://layscience.net/?q=node/44)

  4. We love the way you suck on those Strawberries , Prof . . .

    LOL: is that nhsalternativemedicine really for real? Thanks you…

  5. Yeah, it really is for real, it’s insane I know…

    Funny thing was, I got hold of Ireland’s Company Registry Office filings from Obi, and in the accounts and statements for the Royal College of Alternative Medicine he writes the same kind of crap.

    So it’s not a spoof, or an act… he’s actually like that. Some kind of bizarre fantasist.

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