The blogosphere: keeping an eye on Holford

The blogosphere has recently been keeping a good eye on Prof Patrick Holford of Teesside University’s work. Damian Thompson offers

A quick reminder to opponents of counterknowledge to keep a close eye on the Andrew Wakefield case…PROFESSOR Patrick Holford of Teeside University has been one of Andrew Wakefield’s most passionate supporters…Holford’s association with the university is an important subject; I think some more work needs to be done on this. Lawyers at the ready, Patrick!

Gimpy offers an excellently detailed commentary on one of Patrick Holford‘s GMTV webchats. Despite problems with BANT’s ethics code, Gimpy argues compellingly that “one might be compelled to complain to BANT about this”. I wonder how BANT would respond to such a complaint?



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2 responses to “The blogosphere: keeping an eye on Holford

  1. Thanks for the plug guys but you remain the pre-eminent source of information about Patrick Holford and his unique reality.

    It will be interesting to see how BANT react to claims that their most prominent Fellow displays a disregard for their Ethical Code.

  2. LeeT

    I have been doing some research about BANT members who hold DIP IONs and encountered some …. err … interesting characters with umm .. interesting claims.

    It would be great to hear how your complaint goes. Then perhaps I can follow up with one of my own. There are some people out there who, at the very least, need to amend their websites.

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