Is Holford Teesside’s Professor of Nutrition?

Here at HolfordWatch, we are a bit puzzled as to Holford’s position at Teesside: it is no longer clear whether or not he is visiting professor of nutrition at the University. As far was we know, Holford’s appointment was in Teesside’s school of Social Sciences and law. As HolfordMyths notes, Teesside previously told Holford that he should “not use the title of “Visiting Professor in Mental Health & Nutrition”.

However, in March we saw Food for the Brain make their child survey freely available on their website – and page 4 of the survey [PDF] refers to Holford as “Visiting professor of Mental Health and Nutrition, University of Teesside”. Damian Thomson’s excellent recent Telegraph article refers to Holford as having been “made a professor of nutrition by Teesside University”.

Unfortunately, Teesside have not answered my last two e-mails to them. I certainly haven’t been able to find the details of Holford’s appointment on Teesside’s website. It’s therefore not at all clear whether or not Teesside have given Holford a visiting professorship in nutrition. If Teesside have not given Holford such a post – I think that there is now so much misinformation circulating that they need to make a statement to this effect, in order to avoid any further damage to the reputation of Teesside’s research into and teaching on nutrition.

If Teesside has made Holford visiting professor of nutrition, I suspect that the damage is already done.



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3 responses to “Is Holford Teesside’s Professor of Nutrition?

  1. gimpy

    You are quite right, a google search of the University of Teesside site reveals only one mention of Mr Holford and that dates before he became Professor Holford. There does seem to be a great deal of unknown unknowns here and a statement is clearly needed.

  2. Wulfstan

    Is Teesside under the impression that if they continue to ignore the elephant in the room, everybody else will cease to notice that they have to divert around it? I wonder if this is having any impact on the practices of some of the very fine scholars that they do have in Teesside?

    You’re behind the times, apparently Holford is now elevated even further.

    She avoids any confrontation with nutritional medicine, thus saving herself from the venomous fangs of his Royal Vitamin-ness Patrick Holford.

    From a nasty review of Shapiro and her book but, like the skittish pole-cat, bowel-whisperer stuff, it shows that people in SA have a vigorous way with a phrase.

    Speaking of vigorous phrases, is Ben Goldacre going to discuss ‘nutritional medicine’ in his book (whenever it appears)? Does anybody know?

  3. It’s curious, isn’t it. Especially as this starts to get more coverage in the mainstream media, one would hope that Teesside do choose to clarify the situation.

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