HolfordWatch Welcomes Epi Wonk to the Blogosphere

OK, so HolfordWatch took a while to notice Epi Wonk and then we only did because Orac posted about it but we would like to say a belated Hello to Epi Wonk.

Epi Wonk is a retired epidemiologist and she

will concentrate more than anything else on reporting medical news, especially epidemiological studies, in a clear manner. Epi Wonk will show that mainstream news reporting of epidemiological studies is often misleading.

Epi Wonk is tantalising us with the prospect of a 5-parter on the latest lamentable paper by the Geiers – she is the researcher of HolfordWatch’s dreams.

[I] predict that it will take me at least five posts to go through the article point by point to explain all the flaws. However, there’s one trick that the authors play that’s so glaring that I have to point it out immediately. In fact, I’ve spent two days in shock that the journal editor and reviewers let the authors get away with it.

This is a much needed specialist blog and I look forward to visiting it on a regular basis. I’ll bring my own refreshments and look forward to seeing some of you over there.


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