More Dore media coverage: Bad Science and the Sun

A quick post to note some more of the unfolding coverage of Dore UK’s closures. Ben Goldacre uses his Guardian bad science column to point out that, when analysing the coverage of Dore:

it seems the bloggers win on timeliness, accuracy, relevance, effort, ethics, and stupid names. Gimpyblog broke the news internationally of Dore going bust, following up a comment from a Dore employee. Back in January, he published a detailed analysis of the Dore accounts, flagging up serious concerns about their viability even then. The mainstream media continued to encourage parents to put their money into the “miracle cure”. He has also doggedly covered the scientific evidence, and is now blogging on other dyslexia “cures” that have started to circle like vultures, buying the word “Dore” on Google adwords.

Podblack covered the news of Dore going bust in Australia first and was offering practical rights advice to ex-employees and parents from the start.

Brainduck has been covering Dore’s research for a year now, and explaining the methodological flaws. She also dismantled the evidence when it was reported “the Dore Clinic has achieved massive successes while working with 1,000 patients suffering from the symptoms of high-functioning autism“. This claim was made, not in an academic journal, but in the Leamington Courier.

Jon from the blog Holfordwatch performed an amusing experiment in 2007

If you want to read about the experiment in question, it’s blogged in way more detail than anyone else would want to read – right here. By this point in Goldacre’s article I was, though, most disappointed that I didn’t think to pick a suitably silly name for myself to blog under. Anyway, Goldacre also flags up that I

rang Radio 4’s investigative consumer programme You and Yours. You will remember from last week’s column that they were puffing the Dore programme after it went bust in Australia. Before the puff was broadcast Jon got through to the You and Yours office to inform them of the problems. They did not find time to mention his tip, but they did manage to read out emails received during the programme. How very interactive.

The Sun have also put out an excellent second piece on Dore’s closure today, making clear some of the financial issues involved:

PARENTS who have paid thousands of pounds for a controverial dyslexia treatment are “very unlikely” to get their money back
, administrators have admitted.

It has also emerged that rugby ace Kenny Logan – who promoted the Dore Programme – is a director of the company and was paid to plug the treatment.

Dore closed on Wednesday – but many parents did not know of the company’s collapse until they read the news in The Sun…

Parents who have paid up front for courses are being told to go to the company’s website for temporary exercises.

Kenny Logan declined to comment on the fact that he is a director of the company which owns DORE.

I wonder if Logan, Wynford Dore and colleagues are ever going to apologise to the Dore clients who – it appears likely – will get neither a refund of what they paid nor the service that they paid for?


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3 responses to “More Dore media coverage: Bad Science and the Sun

  1. mollygog


    I have a child on the Dore Programme in NZ and have just received a letter from Dore NZ’s General Manager which included a copy of this letter I’ve posted below

    I advise that on Thursday the 15th of May, 2008 I was appointed the administrator of the Dore Group (Australasia) Limited (Dore Aust) in terms of 5.3A of the Australian Corporation Act. The appointment was made by the company pursuant to a resolution passed at a meeting of directors. Dore Australia operates in Australia only.

    Dore Group (NZ) Ltd is registered in and managed in NZ. It is a separate legal entity that operates only in NZ independently of Dore Aust. Dore NZ is not reliant on Dore Aust for finance.

    Dore NZ is not in voluntary administration. (in bold)

    You may obtain more information about Dore NZ from the NZ government’s official website

    Yours faithfully

    Administrator of Dore Australia

  2. podblack

    I would have had a sensible name… but some bugger already took ‘Holford Watch’. Damn.

  3. brainduck

    Myself, I *am* a Duck. Statistics prove it.

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