Journalists reports Holford claims which were pre-fisked on HolfordWatch

Last weekend, Ben Goldacre discussed some of the benefits of blogs over the mainstream media. As if to confirm this, yesterday Female First – a ‘Celebrity Gossip Magazine’ – has ran a credulous report on Holford’s views on statins. Bad enough in itself, but exactly these claims were thoroughly fisked on HolfordWatch on May 29th. Oh dear…



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5 responses to “Journalists reports Holford claims which were pre-fisked on HolfordWatch

  1. Ted Logan

    Even worse – it’s truncated in the sidebar to “Why statins should not be prescribed”! I have left my two cents on the matter in the Comments box.

  2. Thanks Ted – yes, it was somewhat unfortunate. Good to see a critical comment on the article.

  3. How ridiculous. A simple google search would have brought this up and saved everyone the nonsense.

  4. Claire

    Echoing JonHW, good to see critical commentary following PH into the bastions of celebrity/shopping/gossip mindlessness. I fantasise about a crack team of scientifically literate women taking to task the editors of women’s magazines who continually and uncritically promote such people.

  5. Wulfstan

    I thought that the women of Inky Circus were going to do something like that but it has never transpired. I don’t know if that is because women’s magazines would be more unreceptive than most other media – possibly because their advertisers would object?

    Shrugs – who understands the ways of advertisers?

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