website content taken offline

Last month, we blogged about, raising concerns about the products sold, the marketing used and the reference to ‘dietitians’, and asking “how the BDA and HPC feel about this website and company?”

The website’s content has now been removed – I’m afraid I’m not sure where you can get your diet chocolate now – and all that is left is a page saying that “This Domain is parked” and giving a contact e-mail for any questions. I am not sure why this has happened, but hopefully those behind the site have reconsidered – and will now be adopting a more ethical approach to business and marketing.



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8 responses to “ website content taken offline

  1. Well done. A result :)

  2. HolfordWatch is starting to have a reasonable collection of scalps.

  3. I wonder how long it will be before Mr Holford has to park some of his domains?

  4. UKdietitian


    No more silly products and attempts to associate them with Registered Dietitians.

    Thanks for highlighting this

  5. SubtleBlade

    … or, they have just relocated to another domain. Has anyone googled for old content @ a new address?

    But well done either way, just may be a buzz-cut rather than a scalp.

  6. Wulfstan

    I googled for a snippet that you previously quoted:

    created by a dietitian specialising in obesity and weight loss. It contains organic ingredients such as ground flax seeds, seaweed and many useful vitamins and minerals …

    HolfordWatch is currently the only return for that snippet.

  7. Thanks, Wulfstan. I can’t find that either so, unless they have reworded the text, they haven’t just uploaded this with a different domain name as yet.

    There is no return in Wayback as the robots.txt seem to have been excluded.

  8. Thanks – yes, I couldn’t find the text anywhere else either. Of course, if the product is selling well, there’s no reason the same company can’t sell it elsewhere with slightly different marketing – so I suspect we may see this emerge elsewhere…

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