Tim Minchin Is Generous: See His Own Non-Pirate Storm: Updated

Tim Minchin has gallantly responded to the poor-quality pirate version of Storm and uploaded his own version of Storm as performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in December. The musical accompaniment is excellent.

Why isn’t Tim Minchin one of the people invited to contribute to Science, So What?

Update: Anyone who wants to see Tim Minchin perform should consult his Tour Dates and Gigs page to see if there is one scheduled near to you.

We are leaving up the pirate version because the captions might be useful to some people. ETA: For those who need them, Podblack has the lyrics to Storm.



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12 responses to “Tim Minchin Is Generous: See His Own Non-Pirate Storm: Updated

  1. Trickcyclist

    An absolute joy to hear again – this was the highlight of the Queen Elizabeth Hall gig.
    It fair swells my heart – now the growing badscience backlash has a resident poet/songsmith in chief.

  2. As far as I can tell the pirate version was removed from Youtube some weeks ago. Only the first page of lyrics shows then it goes to a “video removed” graphic. Or is that just me? I took the link from my site down for that reason.

    It was the highlight of the Hammersmith Apollo evening too. Well, after Dawkins obviously :)

  3. Rats, tend to forget what is embedded and what has been uploaded from the library so is unaffected. I’ll see if I can find a copy of the words and then ask Minchin if it is OK to post that.

    For anyone who wants to thank Tim Minchin for his generosity, he is on Twitter.

    He also has a list of UK and Australia tour dates and a Gigs page.

  4. tim

    hello fine people.
    am going to get the text back up again soon. i’m too slow to do it myself, so a friend is doing it. thanks for listening!

    Admin edit: thank you so much.

    ETA: Podblack has the lyrics.

  5. Wulfstan

    This version of Tim Minchin’s Storm is outstanding – the musical accompaniment is a big improvement on the pirate version.

    It would be excellent if the BBC could be persuaded to broadcast some QI with permutations of Tim Minchin, Dara O’Briain, Ben Goldacre, Brian Cox and Alice Roberts. I’m sure there are some other good contestants but these come to mind.

  6. podblack

    Hello! Thanks for the link-love, how you doing Holford Watch? :)

    Wulfstan – the show called ‘Eight Lessons and Carols For Godless People’ had many of those you mentioned featured in its line-up: http://podblack.com/?p=1124

  7. Fred Naches

    Whoever is responsible for that misguided Science So What campaign should be on the phone to Tim Minchin asking him about his availability when he is next in the UK.

    I’m going to play that at my next dinner when the usual arguments start.

  8. podblack

    Well, he’s already touring the UK? Busy touring schedule!

    He’ll be appearing on the Skeptic Zone podcast, early April. You can check him out on the TANK vodcast ep, here:


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  10. greenest

    Love and big xxs to him for doing this. His karma account should overflow. Is there any woman whose heart didn’t melt when he said “twice as long to love this wife of mine”?

  11. wobblybob31

    Have you seen the trailer for the new animated short of ‘storm’ yet? looks pretty damn good:http://www.stormmovie.net/blog/

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