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Insomnia in the Financial Mail: the Holford approach emphasises pills, the evidence-based approach is more holistic

In South Africa’s Financial Mail, Yvonne Fontyn offers a somewhat patchy article on insomnia. Sleep research Alison Bentley offers some very sensible-sounding advice:

“Do not spend more than 15 minutes trying to fall asleep. If 15 minutes have elapsed get out of bed and do something else. Continue doing this activity for up to 60 minutes, or until you feel sleepy again.” Even if you do this all night, you must get up at the correct time, she says. Doing this exercise will increase your confidence in falling asleep, says Bentley. “Sometimes you may need a sleeping medication to help you through this process.” At any rate, the first port of call for anyone who has chronic sleeplessness is their GP. “Many medical diseases can produce insomnia as a secondary problem.”

On the other hand, “British author and health guru Patrick Holford” offers a mix of commonsense advice and lots of pill recommendations Continue reading


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