Holford to give seminar at Dublin’s Royal College of Surgeons, in association with the Irish Times

Can we be the first to congratulate the Irish Times for their decision to allow Holford to hold a 28th March seminar “In association with” the paper. We are sure that the Irish Times are proud to be associated with such a prominent nutritional expert – it must be a great follow-up to their high-quality coverage of Holford’s thought. I wonder if their coverage of ‘serious’ news is as accurate as their coverage of nutrition?

We would also like to congratulate the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin for allowing Holford to hold the seminar in their building. We hope that they find the association worthwhile.

We were forwarded a scan of today’s paper, and we would link to the online information on this but the site where the information should be available does not seem to be working. Perhaps they are aiming for a website that matches the quality of the seminar?



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11 responses to “Holford to give seminar at Dublin’s Royal College of Surgeons, in association with the Irish Times

  1. fascinating choice of venue. holford and the homeopaths never seem to hire a room in an engineering faculty, or a history department.

  2. Maybe the Irish Times should read someone’s declutter experience:

    Day 31: “Six Weeks To Super-Health” by Patrick Holford. I threw this in the bin to avoid all possibility of being responsible for someone’s reading it.

    Editorial resolution for Irish Times 2009 – stop inflicting Patrick Holford and his dubious advice on the public and passing him off as worthy of their attention.

  3. Claire

    o tempora, o mores, oh ffs! Though (clutching at straws), depending on who turns up , there might be some craic to be had.

    Seriously, I’m afraid the optimum-health-via-food-supplements/spurious ’empowerment’ spiel finds a sympathetic audience in the Republic, where healthcare is substantially privately paid for and the NHS concept does not really exist. Given recent news about public sector spending cutback proposals – e.g. to withdraw universal entitlement to free medical cards for the over-70s – I fear there’s definitely a marketing opportunity for supplement sellers to promote their wares. Sadly, aided and abetted by organisations such as you mention, who should know better. I guess popping supplements is easier than tacking difficult social and political issues.

    Admin edit to fix html and express the fervent hope that the fabulous Emer Keeling does attend.

  4. Claire

    html bailout appreciated! And it should have been “tackling”, not tacking.

  5. RCSI should know better than to dent their own credibility with this. And I’m frankly shocked at the Irish Times. They’re just about the only sensible newspaper left in Ireland.

  6. wajem

    It’s no wonder people don’t know who to believe in matters of health or vaccination when this can happen. I thought Patrick Holford was a medical doctor because of the way that he is revered on TV over here and the way that they talk him up in all the newspapers.

    Admin edit: it can be confusing. It’s not merely related to his status, some organisations have mistaken some of his press releases for those of official bodies for understandable reasons.

  7. GastroDoc

    This is so bad it hurts.
    As an Irish doctor and regular reader of the Times I can only assume that this is a case of poor judgment on the part of both the paper and the Royal College.
    I can’t honestly believe that either would knowingly support someone like Holford if they were fully aware of his background. The IT is Ireland’s only decent daily newspaper, on a par with the Guardian in many ways.

    Admin edit: Gastro Doc, it is disappointing. Oddly enough, some time ago, Patrick Holford was given a good co-guest on The Late, Late Show, Emer Keeling, but nobody had briefed her enough to know when Patrick Holford used a form of words to avoid admitting that he is not a qualified nutritionist and in fact can only call himself a psychologist and a nutritionist because the words aren’t protected and there are no minimum standards governing their use..

  8. GastroDoc

    … I should have added that the IT has an unfortunate history of publishing alternative medicine rubbish in their Tuesday health section but that they seem to have cleaned up their act recently (or so I thought). http://www.irishtimes.com/health/

  9. Skeptical Librarian

    I just saw this ‘seminar’ advertised in today’s Irish Times (magazine section.) It is really disappointing that the paper continues to promote Holford and his ideas – he has been a regular feature in the frequently unscientific Tuesday ‘health supplement’ and his books are regularly reviewed (positively) in the wider Irish media. So much for being the ‘paper of record.’

    On the other hand I’m less than surprised that RCSI is the venue. And did you see the price of the tickets? €90! Even I wouldn’t pay that price to heckle.

    • €90 is too much for an opportunity to heckle but not to pick up useful knowledge. And it would feel a bit mean for those who had paid out such sums with exciting expectations of having nutritional knowledge presented to them in an exciting and revelatory way.

  10. Anabel

    I can see the pharmaceutical companies who make millions with their drugs are really trying to knock Holford off course. Holford promotes a good diet and well being. You can choose it or not. But many people have benefited from his advice.

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