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Some Rebuttals to Jeni Barnett’s Canards in Her LBC Radio MMR Segment

It would take more time than we have to put together a post that could encompass all of the errors and fallacies in Jeni Barnett’s lamentable LBC Radio piece on MMR. Particularly as this is one of those times when there is more to blog about than time available to do it when you have noses to wipe and daylight bulbs to buy for your ailing indoor plants.

However, we’ve finally been roused to put together a quick list of some rebuttals to some of the more obvious canards in Jeni Barnett’s lamentable LBC Radio piece on MMR. We were partly prompted to this by a comment left on Ben Goldacre’s blog by Honesty in Science.

So Ben you believe censorship will not backfire and will not lead to more people questioning of Honesty of the vaccine debate?
When it becomes common knowledge that all debate is being stifled and the reasons why parents do not vaccinate are taboo the shit will really hit the fan.
You will face charges of not being able to defend the science of vaccinations openly and honestly and not able to tpp publically refute the claims of the anti vaxxers.

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