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David Aaronovitch Calls for A Class Action Against Stupidity (Well, LBC Radio and Jeni Barnett, We’re Editorialising)

Writing in The Times, David Aaronovitch decries: The preposterous prejudice of the anti-MMR lobby. Continue reading


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Jeni Barnett. Has The Streisand Effect Taught You and LBC Radio Nothing?

You would think that it was not possible for Jeni Barnett and LBC Radio to compound their errors and mishandling of this issue – that the past few days and the blogosphere reaction to LBC’s Legal Chill Effect as administered to Dr Ben Goldacre might have taught something to Jeni Barnett and LBC Radio about the Streisand Effect. However, as the comments have disappeared from her two postings Bad Scientists and MMR and Me, it seems not.

Oddly enough, there was a discussion on this morning’s Start The Week (Matt Wardman has the snippet) on how, on the Internet, few things ever really disappear. Head over to Quackometer: Jeni Barnett, Have You Lost Something? Continue reading


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Vote for Tim Minchin and Dara O’Briain as Your Whimsy Takes You – Please. Go Do It Now.

Uncharacteristically short. Read Podblack: Vote for Tim Minchin and follow her recommendation. If you need any reminders as to why, please listen to Storm.

Tim Minchin has been nominated in 3 categories: Best Full-Length Show, Best DVD and Best Sketch, Variety or Character act. Vote here, be aware that voting closes 3pm 12 Feb 2009.

We at HolfordWatch also have a strong notion for the keen observations of Dara O’ Briain. Both of them were kind enough to donate their time and performances to 9 Lessons for Godless People for which the proceeds went to charity.

Overall, whatever your choice, if you’re so minded, please vote.


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Andrew Wakefield Responds to Brian Deer: Summary, “I regret nothing…Single jabs are the way ahead”

Dr Andrew Wakefield has responded to the series of claims made in Brian Deer’s Sunday Times‘s articles: Andrew Wakefield’s Response To Brian Deer (pdf) (also now online in html). Wakefield continues to imply that any mistakes are the responsibility of his colleagues (see earlier indications of this) and his clearest message is that he regrets nothing: Continue reading


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