Roy Rutherford (key Dore figure) has a misleading CV

Roy Rutherford – who was Medical Director of Dore, a company selling a ‘miracle cure‘ for various specific learning difficulties – is currently marketing his services as an ‘expert’ in treating such difficulties [PDF]. As one might expect to see in the CV of an expert, Rutherford refers to his

PhD thesis- Sheffield University:
Studying the role of the cerebellum in the neurodevelopmental disorders of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADD/ADHD.

Potential clients and fellow experts like to see evidence of good quality scholarship. When explaining his services in a letter to his fellow medical doctors [PDF] Rutherford states that

A prevailing theory of ADHD is one of poor cerebellar development and the consequent underdevelopment of the attentional circuitry (Castellanos X et al). I have personally spent 10 years studying the neuroscience behind this theory and am writing a PhD thesis on the subject

We were therefore surprised when somebody looking to research Rutherford’s work contacted Sheffield Uni and learned that Rutherford is no longer a PhD student there: he was registered as a part-time student from 2003-5 but “withdrew without completing any substantive research”.

However, even after 2005, Rutherford has referred to his PhD studies as if they are current or near completion. Indeed, his online CV gives the impression that he is currently writing a PhD at Sheffield University; however, Sheffield have made clear that he did not even complete any substantive research on the thesis.

This is highly inappropriate behaviour – especially from a medical doctor such as Rutherford. Potential clients and collaborators might do well to reflect upon caveat emptor.

A final point to make is that – as a medical doctor in the UK – Rutherford is regulated by the General Medical Council (GMC). The GMC’s guide to Good Medical Practice asks doctors that

If you publish information about your medical services, you must make sure the information is factual and verifiable.

It also asks that

You must always be honest about your experience, qualifications and position

I am not sure how Rutherford’s behaviour fits with this guidance. Once again, though, caveat emptor.



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11 responses to “Roy Rutherford (key Dore figure) has a misleading CV

  1. gimpy

    I find it interesting that Rutherford is not content with the respectability that comes with being a medical doctor and felt it necessary to embellish other aspects of his educational experience. Sadly such dishonesty seems routine in those who profit from alternative therapies.

  2. This CV aggrandisement is like a disease with some people: there’s Holford with his CV errors and his wish to convince people that there is some substance behind his time with Hoffer and Pfeiffer. More recently, we have the unedifying spectacle of Derek Draper claiming to have an M.A. in Clinical Psychology when dropping out of a PhD course conferred him with an M.A. in plain ordinary Psychology. And there is the CV padding of several of the Petitioners’ ‘Expert Witnesses’ such as Dr Byers and Krigsman during the Autism Omnibus Proceedings.

  3. If I register

    as a place to retain information on people in the public eye related to science/pseudoscience who have aggrandised their CV, would some of you e-smartypantses give me a hand?


    Admin edit: why yes.

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  5. Chris

    Hey everyone, long time reader, first time commenter. Just wanted to let you know that Patrick Holford was interviewed on Radio New Zealand this past Saturday. The mp3 is available here. Haven’t listened to it yet, but the interviewer (Kim Hill) is well-known for not taking any sh*t.

  6. Thanks – have just had a listen. Sad to say, Kim Hill is definitely not at her best here: she does take a lot of sh*t.

  7. “PhD thesis” as a way of making yourself appear to have a PhD – I like that.

    It’s like when academics refer to papers “In Preparation” – i.e. papers that don’t exist yet. They do make good CV padding.

  8. Wulfstan

    I shall add a D.Phil thesis to my CV – I’m not writing one and after a PhD I have no intention of subjecting myself to such a process ever again but now there is this handy way around it.

    If this weaselly CV behaviour is OK for Roy Rutherford, Derek Draper, Gillian McKeith and Patrick Holford why is it a sacking offence for other people? If it would deceive a reasonable person, why is it legal?

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