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Science: So What? campaign modifies claims about childhood nutrition

We’ve previously pointed out that the Science: So What? campaign overplayed the evidence on childhood nutrition. They claimed that

long-running research involving hundreds of children has now decisively proven, for the first time, the direct link between infant diet and later obesity. It’s a fact: babies who eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable have a significantly reduced risk of obesity in later life.

While we are all in favour of eating plenty of fruit and veg, we aren’t aware of research decisively proves this type of link. We were therefore pleased to see that Science: So What? have modified their claims. They now state that:

Research, looking at the diet of hundreds of children, suggests a strong link between infant diet and later obesity and eating habits in later life

This is a definite improvement, though it is still a shame that they do not link the articles they are referring to. Continue reading


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