Dore New Zealand goes into liquidation

Last year, the Dore – which claimed to be able to treat dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties – went into administration in the UK and Australia. Dore UK failed to refund all the money that families had spent on what was promoted – without a good evidence-base – as a miracle cure. Now, Dore New Zealand has gone into liquidation.

Those who are owed money/services by Dore New Zealand should seek advice ASAP. More details on brainduck’s and gimpy’s blogs. A Liquadator’s 1st Report is on New Zealand Companies’ House. We hope that Dore will soon put up an announcement on its own website (the Liquidators’ Report is dated 23 March 2009): explaining what happened, and what people it owes money to and is providing services to ought to do next.


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3 responses to “Dore New Zealand goes into liquidation

  1. brainduck

    You need to search for Dore on the NZ companies office site, doesn’t allow direct links.

    • Lpink

      It would be a real shame if this is simply yet another way of organising the business to neglect responsibility for debt to then ‘do a phoenix’ and relaunch as Dore has done in UK.

      The new website shows that the programme has re-launched at basically double the price of the old programme.

      The price now being just over £2k for a programme which lasts 6-18 months with apts every 3 months. Appointments used to be every 6-8 weeks for about £2k for about the same length of time.

      I’m not doubting the success of the content of the programme but a better method of delivery must be established to enable a cost effective model which enables access to ALL who need it.

      There must be many ex-Dore employees out there who understand the methodology and techniques well enough to train educational professionals. I understand that the balance machine etc is needed but I do wonder how the technology included in products such as the ‘nintendo wii’ may be able to bridge this gap too….

  2. Thanks Duck – yes. Would have been handy if the site did allow direct links, but sadly not.

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