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Durham’s ground breaking Equazen EyeQ/fish oil initiative report released

In response to a reader comment, I looked to see whether Durham’s fish oil trial initiative report had been published. When we got a copy of this report through a Freedom of Information request (in October 2008) we were told that this had been passed to Durham’s web team. However, I cannot find this report on Durham’s website.

I was expecting Durham and Equazen to trumpet the release of this report: I had thought that ‘Durham schools initiative fails to show any benefit to fish oil (Equazen EyeQ) supplementation’ would have been an excellent headline. Oddly, though, this report has sneaked into the public domain (with no apparent publicity or fanfare) through the Bishop Auckland Town Hall (BATH) website [PDF].

Our opinion regarding the quality of the report and the underlying statistical work still stands. I find Durham and Equazen’s treatment of this research odd, though – after publicising the initiative to a massive extent, why do they seem to be being so quiet about the report’s publication (on the prestigious BATH website) and the report’s results? Continue reading


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