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GCC ‘What Can I Expect’ leaflet

Correction: as Lothian has helpfully pointed out, the leaflet is still readily available on the GCC site [PDF]. I did spend some time looking for it previously – but clearly not effectively enough. The scratched post is towards the bottom, with the text struck through; sorry about the error. Now the leaflet is online, I can post about what I was planning to originally.

In late June, Edzard Ernst published an open letter to UK chiropractors. He asked that chiropractors should

let the British public know, through your professional organisations, which of these three possible explanations is correct: you no longer hold that chiropractic is an effective treatment for non-spinal conditions like asthma, you admit that the inclusion of treatment of non-spinal conditions in chiropractic means that it can no longer be considered an evidence-based profession, or you can provide good evidence that chiropractic can treat non-spinal conditions.

A GCC leaflet (PDF, p. 2) argues that, with chiropractic treatment

You may also see an improvement in some types of
● asthma
● headaches, including migraine; and
● infant colic

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