GCC ‘What Can I Expect’ leaflet

Correction: as Lothian has helpfully pointed out, the leaflet is still readily available on the GCC site [PDF]. I did spend some time looking for it previously – but clearly not effectively enough. The scratched post is towards the bottom, with the text struck through; sorry about the error. Now the leaflet is online, I can post about what I was planning to originally.

In late June, Edzard Ernst published an open letter to UK chiropractors. He asked that chiropractors should

let the British public know, through your professional organisations, which of these three possible explanations is correct: you no longer hold that chiropractic is an effective treatment for non-spinal conditions like asthma, you admit that the inclusion of treatment of non-spinal conditions in chiropractic means that it can no longer be considered an evidence-based profession, or you can provide good evidence that chiropractic can treat non-spinal conditions.

A GCC leaflet (PDF, p. 2) argues that, with chiropractic treatment

You may also see an improvement in some types of
● asthma
● headaches, including migraine; and
● infant colic

I don’t know if that answers part of Ernst’s question. While the wording of the GCC leaflet is open to various interpretations, one would hope that – if the GCC were of the opinion that chiropractic is ineffective for conditions such as asthma and colic – they would have made this clear.

For further information on chiropractic for these conditions, see for example Evidence Matters on asthma. Colic has been discussed by Unity and David Colquhoun, among others. We do hope that the GCC has rather more compelling evidence to present: after all, additional effective treatments for these conditions would be extremely welcome.

Correction: datetime=2009-07-06T20:29:53+00:00 In response to a FOIA request from us* – asking about GCC documents re treatments for conditions such as colic – the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) pointed us towards the What Can I Expect leaflet [archive.org PDF] on their website. The leaflet was online here towards the end of June 2009, but it now no longer seems to be available on the GCC’s site.

I am not sure why this is leaflet is no longer available. This is the only document that the GCC pointed us towards following a request for documents relating to the chiropractic treatment of colic, although there may be more to come from the GCC*.

The leaflet’s references to colic and other conditions (p. 2) may have been viewed as controversial, and this leaflet has been criticised recently. There is also a more detailed (and older) engagement with the leaflet on the Action for Victims of Chiropractic site.

* This was the first part of the GCC’s response to our FOIA request: we’re still waiting for additional info (and the GCC are still within the permitted time period for responses).


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2 responses to “GCC ‘What Can I Expect’ leaflet

  1. Lothian

    I think it is still there but they have renamed the page and wasn’t easy to find.

    The new link is here

    Click to access WhatCanIExpect0907.pdf

    Which was linked from here http://www.gcc-uk.org/page.cfm?page_id=432

    Which can be accessed from the link at the bottom of the last newsletter.

    Click to access GCCNews26_E_Version_2_17Apr09.pdf

    • Thanks for pointing that out – I appreciate that. I did try to find the leaflet online before posting, but obviously my google fu and GCC-website-foo are failing.

      I’ve corrected the post; I’ll put up what I was originally going to write instead.

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