Life’s 4 Living to close?

Long-term readers may member that we blogged extensively about the charity Life’s 4 Living back in 2008 – see here and here. We were critical of a number of aspects of their work and their uses of alternative medicine.

I was therefore interested to see that Life’s 4 Living’s accounts for the year ending Dec 2008 [PDF, p.5] state that:

In a meeting held on 15 June 2009 the trustees came to a decision to cease all fund-raising activities and close the charity. There were two main reasons for this. The current financial situation has made it very difficult to find another major sponsor [and] although there was an increase of more than £90,000 in street fundraising this year the costs of fundraising and office support were too high for the amount raised

The charity’s website is still active and it’s not entirely clear what the current situation is. However – while it is always unfortunate if the recession is putting people out of work – I would not be disappointed if certain of Life’s 4 Living’s practices are now coming to an end.



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2 responses to “Life’s 4 Living to close?

  1. Fairness

    I find it odd that ther is no longer any mention of Lifes4living, rejuvenation centre, e-rejuvenation or the Energy Clinic on Company’s House any longer. Surely even though they’re no longer trading they should be on there as dissolved? Also, director search for Claire Sutton does not mention Lifes4living. Keep an eye out for Welltec – their new venture which is spookily like The Energy Clinic…

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