Dore and some interesting wikipedia edits

Looking at the Wikipedia page for Dore, we were interested to note that IP address was associated with a number of edits to this page. Some of these changes – such as a 31/12/09 edit – seem to make the Wikipedia page more positive about the Dore treatment. Whois information links this IP to a Dave Harris. By a pure coincidence, I’m sure, a Dave Harris happens to be Dore’s Senior Systems Engineer.

I do like wikipedia.



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3 responses to “Dore and some interesting wikipedia edits

  1. Well spotted.
    I thought Dore went bust though? Don’t tell me they’re still around…

  2. emily

    Ha ha! Excellent!
    Also, my understanding was that Dore had to be a little careful about using the ‘Cure’ term?

    This link states “Juggling cured our girls temper tantrums”.

    However when you read the actual article the only reference to the word cure is the fact that the article refers to the fact that the family state “whilst not cured”……

    Another interesting interpretation by the website admin team at Dore, or more likely a directive from above!

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