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The “Green Party Drugs Group website is being updated” following critical HolfordWatch post

Yesterday, I posted criticisms of suggestions for supplement usage on the Green Party of England and Wales Drug Group’s website. Later on that day, I noticed that the pages I criticised were inaccessible. This website now states that

The Green Party Drugs Group website is being updated.

There are – as far as I can see – now no suggestions re supplement usage. Instead, the site just reports Green Party drug policy. I have no idea whether my post played any role in this, or whether the timing was coincidental.

I am, anyway, pleased to see that various unfortunate suggestions and claims have been removed from the Green Party website. Hopefully, they will now be able to lay out and advocate an evidence-based approach to harm reduction and drug policy.


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Green Party: the supplement suggestions don’t work

UPDATE: There have been significant changes to the Green Party Drug Group’s site following this post, as discussed here. Lots of links in this post are therefore broken. If you would like to see an earlier version of the site (similar to what I blogged about) you can look on

When blogging about the Green Party of England and Wales’ health policy, we were accused of “quoting selectively” and “out of context”. I have therefore been looking over health-related aspects of Green policy more closely: in order to offer a broader view. One thing that stood out was their suggestion of various supplements to counteract some of the negative effects of recreational drug use, despite limited evidence for the supplements’ efficacy.

There are certainly evidence-based arguments in favour of the Green aim

to take the drug trade out of criminal control and [make] available in a legal environment

However, it is important to remember that recreational drug use (legal or illegal) comes with certain risks. An important aspect of a harm reduction approach to drug policy is that it works to accurately assess the risks and harms involved. Recommending pills which have not been shown to be effective, in order to treat some of the side effects of drug use, is not helpful. Continue reading


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Green Party Health Policy

In the light of recent political discontent, many voters may be looking afresh at their choices. Science Punk and The Lay Scientist have blogged for the Guardian about the science policies of various political parties, and Gimpy has blogged about the implications of their policies for research: I was disappointed to see how the Greens came out. However, on seeing their current manifesto on health policy, the Green Party’s Green Party of England and Wales’ credibility quickly disappeared.

A number of aspects of the manifesto are strikingly flawed, to the point of being offensive. Many people rely on the NHS – and for a serious party to come up with a health policy this bad is frankly insulting. Continue reading


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