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Patrick Holford Advises You to Remove Mercury Fillings and Undergo Chelation But Is Still Silent About Andrew Wakefield?

Former Visiting Professor Patrick Holford never fails to disappoint. The other day, I had noted that although he cleaves to his over-hyped enthusiasm for chromium supplements, the hyperbolic claims about cinnamon although still excessive were comparatively more nuanced than previous occasions – still wrong, but some useful nuance. I had hoped that this was the first green shoots of an improved approach to evidence.

However, Holford is now back to his usual form. He ignores the opportunity to update his advice for the ‘treatment’ of autism following the public revelations about the fraud and deliberate manipulation that irreperably taint Dr Andrew Wakefield and his research. He clutches instead for the topical subject of mercury fillings on Tonight with Trevor McDonald because it allows him to shill for his Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan. Patrick Holford displays no sense of taste or decorum – presumably he takes special supplements that confer the protection of a brass neck on him. Continue reading


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Patrick Holford Promotes Error: Does This Explain His Continuing Support for Opposing MMR and Supporting Andrew Wakefield’s Research?

Patrick Holford on ITV Lunchtime 16 April 2008
Former Visiting Professor Patrick Holford has such a sensitive moral barometer that he is constantly pointing out his perception of the failings of actual researchers and scientists and questioning their integrity. Operating in this parallel world that he does (see Part 1 and Part 2), perhaps it is not surprising that he continues to avoid issuing an update on what the findings from the Autism Omnibus and the stark revelations of the fraud and deliberate manipulation that underpins Dr Andrew Wakfield’s research means for his marketing and promotion of unevidenced diagnostic tests and diet strategies for the ‘treatment’ of autism (assessed here).

You may remember Patrick Holford’s keen support for Andrew Wakefield and his research (see, also, Patrick Holford and Andrew Wakefield’s Discredited Findings: Part 1 and Part 2). we have previously noted that Holford espouses support for Wakefield and his research allows some entrepreneurs to sell unevidenced diagnostic tests (both Wakefield and Holford continue to support the use of Secretin despite not only the absence of efficacy but the indication that it may be less efficacious than a saltwater placebo), promote consultation for difficult-to-follow diets and sell supplements. Continue reading


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Oy! Who are you calling stupid?

Right – some disclosure of my interests first. I’m dyspraxic, and a couple of people I care about are dylexic. People often assume that dyslexia and dypraxia indicate a lack of intelligence. This annoys the hell out of me, and is wrong. Children with dyspraxia are “are healthy [and] of normal intelligence“; the same applies to adults with the condition. Dyslexia “can occur despite normal intellectual ability“.

Holford’s Brain Bio Centre, though, does not seem to know this. In their page on dyslexia/dyspraxia, they state that people with these condition should be tested for heavy metal toxicities because a “number of studies have proved the connection between high lead levels and low intelligence and in addition Copper is another toxic element that has been reported to be high in dyslexic children“.

Firstly, if you’re going to imply that I’m of subnormal intelligence, please try to do so in a well-constructed sentence – otherwise, my irony meter gets overloaded. Secondly, though, this claim is clearly both wrong and offensive: the Brain Bio Centre is assuming – without good reason, or any evidence – that two large groups of people are of subnormal intelligence. This is a remarkably stupid thing for them to assume: maybe Holford and his colleagues should consider testing themselves for heavy metal toxicity, especially if they take the copper-containing supplements sold by Holford’s Health Products For Life (see below)

One more thing to note is the claim that “Copper is another toxic element that has been reported to be high in dyslexic children”. There is some evidence for this correlation – although Pubmed fails to show up evidence that copper in any way causes or worsens dyslexia. However, it’s interesting to note that Holford’s Health Products For Life webshop sells three products containing the ‘toxic’ element copper. I think that my irony meter has just exploded.

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