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Daily Mail, Jerome Burne Want to Scare or Mis-inform Readers About the Chickenpox Vaccine

Distressed child receives a vaccination

Distressed child receives a vaccination

Every day there are important and essential discussions about the UK vaccination schedule. These discussions take place in Well-Baby Clinics, with doctors and nurses, with family members and friends, queuing in the supermarket, on message boards and blogs and the pages of newspapers. The common thread to all of them is the need for good quality, appropriate information.

So, what were the Daily Mail and Jerome Burne thinking when they put together this latest compilation of innuendo framed by the emotive photograph of a distressed child who seems trapped between two uncaring, faceless white coats? Continue reading


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OK, We Were Wrong – Medscape Needs To Publish An Adequate Correction

We recently explained Why Medscape Should Have Issued A Correction rather than just withdraw their lamentable article on Gardasil and the safety profile of HPV vaccines.

We were wrong. Medscape should have published an adequate and appropriate correction. Continue reading

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