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Jeni Barnett, LBC and Global Radio, MMR Segment 7 Jan 2009 and the Ben Goldacre Coverage: Part 2

The first part of the list is: Jeni Barnett and the LBC Radio MMR Vaccine Segment: Updated with links of blog coverage.

We are now constructing a supplementary list of blog posts and other coverage of Ben Goldacre v. Jeni Barnett, LBC and Global Radio in re: MMR Vaccine Segment 7 Jan 2009 from Feb 11 2009 (with some key posts from the first list). This will be a rolling update for some time. Continue reading


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Jeni Barnett and the Phone Call with Yasmin on the LBC MMR Segment

Dr Ben Goldacre of Bad Science has publicised Jeni Barnett’s segment on MMR from the Jeni Barnett Show, LBC Radio, Sunday 1 Feb 7 January 2009. This MMR segment contained many extraordinary assertions and exchanges. You may be interested in her back and forth with her final caller. Continue reading


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Tim Minchin Is Generous: See His Own Non-Pirate Storm: Updated

Tim Minchin has gallantly responded to the poor-quality pirate version of Storm and uploaded his own version of Storm as performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in December. The musical accompaniment is excellent.

Continue reading


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Does Patrick Holford Lack Generosity of Spirit As Well As Scholarly Accuracy?

Visiting Professor Patrick Holford has his own dedicated chapter in Ben Goldacre‘s Bad Science: Chapter 9; pp 161-80. Both HolfordWatch and Holford Myths have commented that the CV which Holford submitted to the University of Teesside is riddled with a remarkable number of errors, several of which involve implausible timelines. Today, an outraged reader has submitted more evidence of confusion about Holford’s understanding of time as well as the evidence-base for chromium supplementation to “to stabilise blood sugar levels”. Continue reading


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Ben Goldacre: Upcoming Programme on Incapacity Benefit 10.11.08

Ben Goldacre of Bad Science is continuing his series of contributions to Radio 4: Incapacitated.

As the government unveil a tough new benefits system for the sick, Dr Ben Goldacre explores the parlous state of the incapacity benefits system, an eight billion pound legacy created by party politics and unthinking medics.
Ben discovers that, after being on incapacity benefit for more than two years, you are statistically more likely to die or retire than ever find work again. He asks how this can have been allowed to happen and considers whether the new government plans will help.

Of course, Ben Goldacre would far rather that as small a number of people as possible learn about the programme in time to listen to it but some of us are naturally cat out of bag about this sort of thing. This may well be the most controversial programme he broadcasts this year as it is a social, political, economic and medical issue.

Incapacitated will be available on Iplayer after it has been broadcast on 10 November at 8 PM.

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Patrick Holford Visited All the Major Nutritional Research Centres in the United States: or so he claimed in 1985

Visiting Professor Patrick Holford has his own dedicated chapter in Ben Goldacre‘s Bad Science: Chapter 9; pp 161-80. Both HolfordWatch and Holford Myths have commented that the CV which Holford submitted to the University of Teesside is riddled with a remarkable number of errors. Chronological errors undercut some of Holford’s implicit claims to have pursued supervised study in mental health and nutrition before starting to treat ‘mental health patients’ as an independent nutritional therapist. Goldacre elaborates on these inconsistencies and errors with some new information about Holford’s first job after graduation. Continue reading


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Ben Goldacre on BBC 1’s One Show

Ben Goldacre BBC One Show September 8 2008.

Ben Goldacre BBC One Show September 8 2008.

Dr Ben Goldacre was on BBC 1’s One Show. Watch out for it on BBC iPlayer for September 8 (from 8:10 to 12:00 or thereabouts if you crave the added wisdom of Len Goodman). [Update, please use the iPlayer link if you can because this tells the BBC that you were interested in the Bad Science segment. For those who can’t, or for when it disappears, there is a YouTube.]

In an action-packed segment that serves as a lively precis of his book, Goldacre admonished the media for their poor science coverage and then took the viewer on a rapid tour of the Media Hall of Shame for Science Reporting and Obsession with Miracle Cures. Continue reading


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More Dore media coverage: Bad Science and the Sun

A quick post to note some more of the unfolding coverage of Dore UK’s closures. Ben Goldacre uses his Guardian bad science column to point out that, when analysing the coverage of Dore:

it seems the bloggers win on timeliness, accuracy, relevance, effort, ethics, and stupid names. Continue reading


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The Energy Equation and Co-enzyme Q10: Holford the Pioneer

Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has been getting some attention lately, off the back of a Boots marketing campaign. David Colquhoun has described Boots’ marketing of these pills as “as bad a bit of nutribollocks as I’ve ever seen”, while Ben Goldacre has also criticised the way in which CoQ10 is marketed as a solution to low energy levels.  Interestingly, though, Holford was ahead of the curve here: in 1988 his book The Energy Equation proudly proclaimed on the cover that it was “INTRODUCING CO-ENZYME Q”.

Holford is still involved in marketing CoQ10: one can now buy CoQ10 (and Carnitine) Biocare pills with Holford’s face on the bottle (see Coracle’s blog for a critical assessment of Holford’s CoQ10 recommendations).  Neutrahealth PLC (who own Biocare) have stated that “CoQ10 expected to perform well in 2008 with year to date sales growth of 35%”.

Patrick Holford’s CV [PDF] states that he “is a pioneer in new approaches to health and nutrition”. Here at HolfordWatch, we would have to agree. However, whether those approaches work or not is another question.


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Patrick Holford, IgG Food Intolerance Self-Testing and the House of Lords

Professor Patrick Holford of Teesside University and Head of Science and Education at Biocare is a staunch advocate of direct to consumer IgG food intolerance tests and is impressed by the “sound science” that underlies these tests. Holford is convinced that:

The evidence for IgG antibody reactions as a basis for food intolerances continues to grow, including well designed randomised controlled trials, however, some health professionals just haven’t kept up to date. Perhaps it’s because a ‘home test’ takes the power away from the professional and puts it in your hands.

However, Holford is also swayed by the scientific research for a neck pendant that protects wearers from the evil eye of electromagnetic radiation so one might be tempted to generalise from that as to the scientific credibility of some of his endorsements. Continue reading


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