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Holford: chromium “is well known to help stabilise blood sugar levels in diabetics at daily doses of 500mcg or more”

Another Holford blog entry argues that chromium

is well known to help stabilise blood sugar levels in diabetics at daily doses of 500mcg or more.

We think that it’s a bit more complicated than that. This issue is a favourite of Holford’s who cleaves to his opinion arguments that chromium supplementation should be focused on those who are known to be chromium deficient.

We posted a detailed discussion of this here, some time ago and as recently as November we suggested that it was time for him to update his recommendations. We would be pleased if Holford would take this on board. However, the restrictive comments policy on his blog does not allow us to post a comment to remind him of this interesting, important detail.



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Does Patrick Holford Lack Generosity of Spirit As Well As Scholarly Accuracy?

Visiting Professor Patrick Holford has his own dedicated chapter in Ben Goldacre‘s Bad Science: Chapter 9; pp 161-80. Both HolfordWatch and Holford Myths have commented that the CV which Holford submitted to the University of Teesside is riddled with a remarkable number of errors, several of which involve implausible timelines. Today, an outraged reader has submitted more evidence of confusion about Holford’s understanding of time as well as the evidence-base for chromium supplementation to “to stabilise blood sugar levels”. Continue reading


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Patrick Holford and Cinnachrome for Natural Blood Sugar Balance

Patrick Holford is promoting a new supplement, Cinnachrome, to support his GL Diet. He claims that it is “specifically designed to support natural blood sugar balance”. Cinnachrome sounds delightful, like something that could be used to spice an apple pie but there is little to indicate that it might be that useful. Continue reading


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