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Are Google evil hypocrites?

A short break from Patrick Holford coverage (although I’ll come back to the good professor at the end of the post) to look at a much bigger fish – Google. Matt Cutts (prominent on Google’s anti-spam team) recently blogged about selling links that pass PageRank – and thus making search results less accurate. Matt uses the example of the potential damage caused by selling links on medical topics such as cancer. However, Google appears less concerned about selling adverts for unproven – potentially dangerous – cancer ‘cures’. Why does Google sell advertising to the snake oil pushers, and where does this fit in with Matt’s (well-justified) concerns about the pages that google are not paid to link to? Continue reading


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What’s The Excitement About Turmeric?

There have been lots of exciting news stories about turmeric over the last few years: from claims that it might slow Alzheimer’s Disease, to reducing the incidence of leukaemia, or being a potent weapon against several cancers and cystic fibrosis. There are the usual claims that it has general anti-inflammatory effects and modulates the immune system although the mechanisms are presently unclear. There is a good overview about curcumin and some of its principal researchers in a recent Scientific American: Spice Healer. Continue reading


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