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Paul Flynn MP: Dore Leppard

Gratifyingly, Paul Flynn has now followed up some of the discussions around the Dore treatment for dyslexia and other conditions:

What EDM persuaded great journalist Ben Goldacre (below) to say “Parliament congratulating bloggers while castigating the media? It’s like a dream come true. I’m going to put on some Def Leppard and punch the air.”
It was about the so called-Dyslexia cure Dore. Now the splendid Welsh Language current affairs programme Taro Naw is preparing a programme on the debacle.

It was convenient to do an interview on the Maes yesterday as my contribution. One of the questions was how could we argue against the value of Dore for dyslexic children if parents notice an improvement.

This is not unusual even when medicine and treatment are inert. Placebos have a great record in curing illnesses. Nature and the human body are marvellous at improving health.

Dore expanded rapidly with a treatment that cost £2,000 and had not been subjected to rigorous scientific appraisal. Continue reading


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