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Patrick Holford Advises You to Remove Mercury Fillings and Undergo Chelation But Is Still Silent About Andrew Wakefield?

Former Visiting Professor Patrick Holford never fails to disappoint. The other day, I had noted that although he cleaves to his over-hyped enthusiasm for chromium supplements, the hyperbolic claims about cinnamon although still excessive were comparatively more nuanced than previous occasions – still wrong, but some useful nuance. I had hoped that this was the first green shoots of an improved approach to evidence.

However, Holford is now back to his usual form. He ignores the opportunity to update his advice for the ‘treatment’ of autism following the public revelations about the fraud and deliberate manipulation that irreperably taint Dr Andrew Wakefield and his research. He clutches instead for the topical subject of mercury fillings on Tonight with Trevor McDonald because it allows him to shill for his Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan. Patrick Holford displays no sense of taste or decorum – presumably he takes special supplements that confer the protection of a brass neck on him. Continue reading


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Down for Everyone or Just Me: Use It People, Use It Before Generating Conspiracy Theories

Grief knows why, but, from time to time, people send us email from Orthomolecular Medicine News Service (Visiting Professor Patrick Holford was the UK representative for some Orthomolecular organisation or other). It’s possibly a subtle plan to wreck our digestion so that people can photograph us taking an OTC Tums lozenge (other products are available) so that there can be a huge exposé of the state of our guts and faux expressions of concern that we really need an IgG food intolerance test or some hugely expensive analysis of our metabolic by-products.[a] Their latest cyberblast is ostensibly about dental amalgams but more about how people’s lack of understanding of thar interwebs leads to all sorts of embarrassing conspiracy theories. Continue reading


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Patrick Holford, Alzheimer’s Disease, Homocysteine Tests and Supplements

Professors Patrick Holford and David Smith chose the Daily Record to announce their remarkable findings that Alzheimer’s Disease is preventable with just a “few simple diet and lifestyle changes”.

I may be new to Holford Watch but I am familiar with the Holford Test-Em Dose-Em style of Jeopardy. If the answer is, “Dose them with B vitamins” the question must have been, “What do you do after testing someone’s homocysteine levels?”.  And, what do you know, I think it has slipped its way into this article, masquerading as a “simple blood test”. Continue reading


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