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Patrick Holford, Shark Liver Oil and Walnuts

Patrick Holford on ITV Lunchtime 16 April 2008
Former Visiting Professor Patrick Holford is Head of Science and Education at Biocare. From time to time Holford has nothing but harsh words for randomised controlled trials and the perceived iniquity of systematic reviews or meta-analyses. Unless they confirm a point of view that he already holds, of course, or that he can adapt to the self-aggrandisement of his opinions. And so it is with some delight and no obvious trace of irony that Holford welcomes the release of a systematic review and meta-analysis that evaluates the impact of incorporating walnuts into the diet and outcomes for blood lipids as a proxy for a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Or, as Holford so pithily phrases it, Go (wal) nuts this summer – walnuts lower your cholesterol (as ever, you need to go to the home page to read the first paragraph but Holford is handily re-cycling his blog posts as email newsletters which must be value for money). Continue reading


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personaldietitians.co.uk: website content taken offline

Last month, we blogged about personaldietitians.co.uk, raising concerns about the products sold, the marketing used and the reference to ‘dietitians’, and asking “how the BDA and HPC feel about this website and company?”

The website’s content has now been removed – I’m afraid I’m not sure where you can get your diet chocolate now – and all that is left is a page saying that “This Domain is parked” and giving a contact e-mail for any questions. I am not sure why this has happened, but hopefully those behind the site have reconsidered – and will now be adopting a more ethical approach to business and marketing.


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personaldietitians.co.uk – I can haz diet chocolate?

I Felled off Wagon'.  Cat with head in cereal box.

In Britain (and many other countries) dietitian is a protected title.  It is illegal to call oneself a dietitian in the UK without a proper qualification and HPC registration; the HPC regulates what dietitians do.  This is why we suggest on this blog that – if people are looking for health advice on their diet – they speak to a dietitian.  Because of this, when browsing the Internet (nothing to do with Patrick Holford) to see what type of web presence dietitians had, I was surprised to see what personaldietitians.co.uk was selling: a dubious-looking “Revolutionary Fat Loss Powder”, which has been

created by a dietitian specialising in obesity and weight loss. It contains organic ingredients such as ground flax seeds, seaweed and many useful vitamins and minerals all proven to play a role in fat metabolism, appetite control and activate fat loss

Among other things, this powder apparently

Decongests a sluggish liver and detoxifies the body to help you lose weight…Prevents you from losing muscle. When you lose weight you lose water, muscle and fat. However if you lose too much muscle, your metabolic rate drops and this makes it harder for you to lose further weight. The ingredients in the fat loss powder minimise muscle loss and makes it easier to tone up as you lose weight, a feature which many diets tend to ignore…The ingredients in the fat loss powder works with the pancreas and the liver to regulate the production of insulin which stops you feeling hungry and reduces food cravings. People with polycystic ovaries and diabetes have reported improved blood sugars.

There are lots of other claims – I suggest taking a look at the personaldietitians.co.uk page, so you can see these in context.  Entertainingly, the site also sells diet chocolate. Sadly, it doesn’t say how or why this works – but, anyway, until they invent diet pork crackling I’m not interested.

It’s easy to laugh at all this – diet chocolate, indeed – but there is a more serious issue at stake. The title of ‘dietitian’ carries a certain amount of weight Continue reading


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