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Joanna Blythman: Please Read the Data Appendices About Organic Food Before Conjuring ‘Cancerous Conspiracies’: Part 1

Dear Daily Mail Editors: congratulations on a very dramatic headline. A cancerous conspiracy to poison your faith in organic food: that is pure genius, building nicely on the recent reprimand to ‘the authorities’ for making us Scared to death? The REAL worry is today’s culture of fear. You will understand how many readers chuckled to read that the Daily Mail, of all newspapers, is accusing others of scare-mongering. Continue reading


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Sir Cliff Richard offers conclusive refutation of Cochrane review on antioxidants and mortality

Occasionally, we are accused of mocking industry claims for their supplement pills. However, we could never do that: the supplement pill industry has moved far beyond any kind of satire. Today, the Health Food Manufacturers Association (HFMA) proudly responded to a Cochrane review on antioxidants and mortality [PDF] by announcing that

Sir Cliff Richard, Gloria Hunniford…and Carole Caplin have joined health industry experts in rejecting the widely publicised antioxidant review and reassuring consumers that concerns over these supplements are unfounded… Continue reading


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