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Patrick Holford’s Recommendation for Swine Flu – Same As Those for Bird Flu But With Phrase Substitution – Updated

Patrick Holford on ITV Lunchtime 16 April 2008

Patrick Holford has broken his (unaccountable) silence about pandemic fears around Mexico City flu (aka, swine flu). Take vitamin C. Jab more vitamin C into your veins. Take more supplements. Black elderberry makes it harder for viruses to enter your cells. Roll up. Learn about the Rath formulation that cures everything from cancer to HIV and flu. Roll up. Continue reading


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UPDATED 4 TIMES: An open invitation to the ‘alternative’ medicine community: comment on Matthias Rath’s tactics

While a number of sources have commented on Matthias Rath‘s now-dropped libel case against the Guardian and Ben Goldacre – links are here – I am surprised to see that the ‘alternative’ medicine community seems to have remained silent on this*. Nutritionists such as John Briffa and Patrick Holford regularly cover stories about the evils of big pharma**, while organisations like the Society of Homeopaths often comment on media coverage of medicine and health. Oddly, though, there seems to be silence on the recent coverage of Rath’s shocking activities.

So – we’re issuing an invitation here. If anyone in the ‘alternative’ medicine community would like to speak out about Rath’s activities, we’ll be pleased to link to it Continue reading


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One small additional reason to despise Matthias Rath: he sues over good, honest journalism

I generally don’t like people launching libel actions against honest, pertinent criticisms of their actions.  However, Matthias Rath has engaged in such apalling activities that – when I learned that he had launched a libel action again Ben Goldacre and the Guardian, which recently had costs awarded against Rath after he backed down – this did not significantly lower Rath in my estimation.

I am delighted that Rath has backed down – and that Ben Goldacre and the Guardian stood firm against his threats.  As Goldacre puts it, this type of legal action is

unhealthy. Ideas improve when they are challenged and questioned.

It is great that costs were won against Rath, and that Goldacre and others will now be free to criticise Rath again. The articles criticising Rath were well-written and biting (I can’t seem to find the articles online at the moment, though hopefully they will resurface quickly now the legal action is over).

However, I can’t get out of my head other things that Rath has been involved in – which are far, far worse than suing journalists.  In particular, while huge numbers of South Africans have been – and, tragically, still are – dying unnecessarily early of AIDS, the Rath Foundation has been promoting Rath’s vitamin pills in the state Continue reading


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