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Daily Mail and Its Frame of a Recent Homocysteine and Depression Study

Daily Mail regularly displays a remarkable similarity to the public writings of Visiting Professor Patrick Holford. It has taken time out from its usual project of dividing substances into things that will give you cancer or cure it, or similarly for diabetes to digress into the Holford obsession with over-claiming for the significance of homocysteine levels and the outcome of manipulating them. In a recent round-up, Daily Mail declared Vitamin B can beat ‘old age blues’. A little confusingly, the accompanying photograph is that of an attractive, well-turned out woman in her late 20s/early 30s or so. It’s distracting because the study was carried out in men over the age of 70. Continue reading


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Patrick Holford and His Alternative to Anti-Depressants

Professor Patrick Holford has a remarkably agile PR team with helpful lacunae in their collective memories. 27.02.2007, Holford’s email subscribers received an email, What’s the alternative to ineffective anti-depressants? Continue reading


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Life’s 4 Living, The Energy Clinic, Claire Sutton and Sarah McCrum

Holfordwatch was initially concerned that Life’s 4 Living was unaware of the chequered history of The Barefoot Doctor Stephen Russell in his dealings with his clients. However, it now looks as if some vulnerable young people and their families are invited to accept treatment and support from an organisation that is staffed by people who believe that their energy therapy can treat and mitigate cancer, Aids, Cerebral Palsy and a variety of chronic or terminal illnesses as well as disabilities. And who are willing to work with people such as Barefoot Russell who manifest a shaky sense of appropriate sexual boundaries with clients and vulnerable people. Continue reading


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Barefoot, Sex, Sleaze and Life’s 4 Living

There is no connection between the Barefoot Doctor Stephen Russell and Patrick Holford unless you are playing a New Age version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.[1]

However, looking into the Barefoot Doctor, who would have been well-advised to stick to games of footsie or standing on one leg while looking tranquil, Holfordwatch came across a series of associations that suggest the need for a version that should be entitled Six Degrees of Sleaze. Continue reading


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Holford uses “crazy” as a diagnostic term for schizophrenic people

Prof Patrick Holford of Teesside University presents himself as an expert in mental health and nutrition, and a number of bona fide mental health charities – including Mind – are affiliated with his Food for the Brain charity. I was therefore surprised to hear Holford on BBC London, referring to a schizophrenic client as “crazy” which is rather a culturally-loaded term. A valued correspondent then informed me that the same term is used on the Food for the Brain website. I find this quite surprising – ‘crazy’ is a rather offensive way to describe schizophrenic people, and a pretty unproductive diagnostic or descriptive term.

First to the BBC interview: Holford states that he “worked with one girl, she was schizophrenic…and she was crazy and she’d seen many counsellors”. Continue reading


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