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FOIA reply: what work did Holford do for Teesside University?

In Teesside’s Case for Support (PDF) for offering former Patrick Holford a Visiting Professorship at the University, Teesside not only referred to possible funding resulting from this but also discussed possibilities for “collaboration and joint working in a number of areas”. However, a FOIA request on this issue brought an interesting response. Teesside were asked for

A list of the work which Mr Holford has carried out for Teesside University, including any teaching and/or research supervision which he was involved in.

However, they replied that

Mr Holford has not undertaken any teaching or research supervision.

Given that Teesside only got a rather disappointing total of £592.03 in funding from Food for the Brain, and do not appear to have got much in the way of work from Holford, one wonders what they have taken from former Visiting Professor Patrick Holford’s time at the University? Continue reading



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Patrick Holford: Labels Aren’t Important, Apparently

Former Visiting Professor Patrick Holford and Head of Science and Education at Biocare made a surprising statement in a recent talk at the Allergy and Gluten Free Show 2008. Continue reading


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