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The Advertising Standards Authority May Be Closing Some Loopholes: About Time

HolfordWatch would like to direct your attention to a news item: YouTube virals must play by US ad rules: UK advertising rules may change to close loophole.[a] We have blogged several ASA rulings that involve Patrick Holford and Equazen where the ASA has found that their advertising is untruthful, unsubstantiated etc. and yet, these breaches of advertising guidelines continue. We have remarked upon how very frustrating it is that it is possible to find a form of words in breach of guidelines when it is printed in a brochure or reproduced in a Google Ad or Sponsored Link but there is no redress against untruths and distortions when they are on a company’s own website. That may be about to change. Continue reading


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OK, We Were Wrong – Medscape Needs To Publish An Adequate Correction

We recently explained Why Medscape Should Have Issued A Correction rather than just withdraw their lamentable article on Gardasil and the safety profile of HPV vaccines.

We were wrong. Medscape should have published an adequate and appropriate correction. Continue reading

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Patrick Holford and Other GMTV Pundits Should Be Glad That They Don’t Work for German TV

Former Visiting Professor Patrick Holford is still Head of Science and Education at Biocare so presumably they must believe that he enhances their reputation and scientific credibility, particularly with his ready access to the GMTV couch and the producers of Tonight with Sir Trevor McDonald.

I’m realistic enough to know that my weakness for Sachertorte and good bread are two very good reasons that I should never take up residence in Germany. However, in the light of the recent sacking of a nutritionist by a TV station for the appearance of a conflict of interest I might re-consider. Continue reading


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Tara Parker-Pope and Jonny Bowden

Expert PR people will tell you that the best form of advertising is that which looks like editorial rather than advertising. It is comparatively cheap and in ‘advertising value equivalents’, it is invaluable to the pundit whose work is thereby promoted because it enhances not only their pundit brand equity (‘Pundit Z – as featured in The New York Times‘ etc.) but can lead to increased book sales and sales of related products. It seems that people trust editorial more than advertising because the perception is that the material overcame close scrutiny to make it into the main part of the paper/broadcast, rather than purchasing advertising space.[1]

Tara Parker-Pope recently posted one of those ever popular lists: The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating. As soon as HolfordWatch saw the title, we suspected that we were about to read a list from a nutritionist rather than a Registered Dietitian, Continue reading


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