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Roy Rutherford and the Autism Treatment and Prevention Centre

We were fascinated to see that Dr Roy Rutherford (who helped found Dore and is listed as a Medical Consultant there) has now set up the Autism Treatment and Prevention Centre (AUTAP). Given that there is currently very little in the way of proven autism treatments/prevention techniques, we were fascinated to see what they had to say about autism treatments. We were not impressed.

The site offers lots of referency, sciency-looking links – so we thought we would follow through a few of these. One might first note that a positive link to What Doctors Don’t Tell You is not a good sign. However, optimistically, we ploughed on. Continue reading


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Roy Rutherford (key Dore figure) has a misleading CV

Roy Rutherford – who was Medical Director of Dore, a company selling a ‘miracle cure‘ for various specific learning difficulties – is currently marketing his services as an ‘expert’ in treating such difficulties [PDF]. As one might expect to see in the CV of an expert, Rutherford refers to his

PhD thesis- Sheffield University:
Studying the role of the cerebellum in the neurodevelopmental disorders of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADD/ADHD.

Potential clients and fellow experts like to see evidence of good quality scholarship. When explaining his services in a letter to his fellow medical doctors [PDF] Rutherford states that

A prevailing theory of ADHD is one of poor cerebellar development and the consequent underdevelopment of the attentional circuitry (Castellanos X et al). I have personally spent 10 years studying the neuroscience behind this theory and am writing a PhD thesis on the subject

We were therefore surprised when somebody looking to research Rutherford’s work contacted Sheffield Uni and learned that Rutherford is no longer a PhD student there: he was registered as a part-time student from 2003-5 but “withdrew without completing any substantive research”. Continue reading


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Dore UK clients are “very unlikely” to get a refund of any money they are owed by the company

Dore UK have now released an Administrator’s letter to their customers (PDF). According to the Administrators:

due to the Companies’ financial position refunds are not possible…Whilst it is early in the Administration process, it appears very unlikely that there will be funds available to settle any claim you may have.

Dore’s own FAQ (PDF) makes clear that

As the Company will be in Administration there are no funds available to reimburse clients.

I am sorry to be passing on bad news here. If you are owed money by Dore, I would, once again, strongly suggest that you seek advice ASAP on whether you will be able to reclaim any of this money. The Citizens’ Advice Bureau are a good, free first port of call, and brainduck lists some helpful links.

Dore’s FAQ also states that

Your prime concern will, no doubt, be how you finish the programme. Our concern is exactly the same. We will therefore be focusing all our efforts and resource on identifying ways to market to allow the programme to be continued by our clients.

Although I am sure that the Administrators are acting legally, this is not an admirable position for Dore UK to take, particularly not when they emphasise their empathy with distressed parents. Dore marketed a service to clients: promoting (without good evidence) a programme they said required specialised facilities. Dore may now wish to offer alternative services to new or existing clients. However, this does not make up for the fact that Dore UK is guilty of taking clients’ money for particular services – and then failing to offer either the full services that clients paid for, or a refund to clients.

Numerous public figures – some of them relatively wealthy – have endorsed Dore and played important roles in the running of the company. I wonder if the likes of Wynford Dore, Kenny Logan and Dr Roy Rutherford now feel any guilt about their involvement in and promotion of Dore? And I wonder if they will ever apologise to the clients who have been let down?


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