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Patrick Holford’s Recommendation for Swine Flu – Same As Those for Bird Flu But With Phrase Substitution – Updated

Patrick Holford on ITV Lunchtime 16 April 2008

Patrick Holford has broken his (unaccountable) silence about pandemic fears around Mexico City flu (aka, swine flu). Take vitamin C. Jab more vitamin C into your veins. Take more supplements. Black elderberry makes it harder for viruses to enter your cells. Roll up. Learn about the Rath formulation that cures everything from cancer to HIV and flu. Roll up. Continue reading


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Durham (non)trial fails to show any benefit to fish oil (Equazen EyeQ) supplementation

Yesterday, a draft of Durham’s report on their fish oil (non)trial flopped into my inbox like a fortnight old fish – courtesy of a Freedom of Information Act request, and Durham’s helpful FOI coordinator.  Sadly, the report stinks to high heaven, but there are a number of things to note.

Firstly, the report is quite clear (page 2) that the trial has failed to demonstrate any benefit from the supplement pills.  Given the lack of a placebo control group, the benefits that attach to more compliant children and families, the raised expectations due to media coverage and so forth, concerns about what they chose to judge ‘success’ by, other factors like improving school food, etc., the performance ‘benefit’ of those on the supplement group is actually rather disappointing.  It’s a shame that Durham’s recent press release on the (non)trial did not make this clear.  When Durham does publish this report (in the prestigious journal of the Durham Council website – clearly, they had good reason to withhold the non/trial data in order to avoid prejudicing publication) can I suggest something along the lines of ‘Durham trial fails to demonstrate any benefit from EyeQ fish oil pills’ as the headline of the press release announcing publication?

Anyway, having noted that headline point, I will now go through this awful report in more detail. Continue reading


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