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Food for the Brain still describing Holford as a Teesside Visiting Professor

Teesside University previously gave Patrick Holford a Visiting Professor post – which, we believe, has now ended. However, the charity Food for the Brain (CEO: P. Holford) are currently referring to Holford as

Visiting Professor at the University of `Teesside, School of Social Sciences and Law

It does appear that these endorsements tend to linger.


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FOIA reply: it’s a good job that Teesside University didn’t offer Holford a visiting professorship for financial reasons…

…because, if they did, they would be feeling pretty silly now.

We have recently received a response to a FOIA request to Teesside University, which included some interesting information about Visiting Professor Patrick Holford’s time at the University. Teesside’s Case for Patrick Holford as a Visiting Professor [PDF] referred to Food for the Brain funding a £12,500/year PhD bursary – something that would have cost a good £37,500. However, when Teesside were asked about any Holford-related income, they responded that:

No income has been received by the University from Mr Holford, Biocare, the Brain Bio Centre or Food for the Brain. Expenses have been paid by Food for the Brain for attendance by University staff in connection with a Schools project.

The total amount of money coming into Teesside from all these sources was therefore…wait for it… Continue reading


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Patrick Holford is an ex-Professor: he has resigned his Visiting Professorship at Teesside. UPDATE: Teesside’s Cactus Clinic also ceases to operate

HolfordWatch has just learned that Patrick Holford has resigned his post of Visiting Professor at Teesside; a call to Teesside confirms that the reception don’t have a record of any Professor Holford at the University. We don’t have any more details at the moment: we will post information as it arrives.

Clearly, this is good news: Holford does not produce professorial-standard work. We trust that Holford will update his CV ASAP, and that Teesside will soon put out a press release to clarify the situation. Continue reading


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