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Food for the Brain still describing Holford as a Teesside Visiting Professor

Teesside University previously gave Patrick Holford a Visiting Professor post – which, we believe, has now ended. However, the charity Food for the Brain (CEO: P. Holford) are currently referring to Holford as

Visiting Professor at the University of `Teesside, School of Social Sciences and Law

It does appear that these endorsements tend to linger.


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Ben Goldacre’s Rise of the Lifestyle Nutritionists on Radio 4 Won a Norwich Union Medical Journalism Award

HolfordWatch enjoyed Dr Ben Goldacre and Rami Tzabar’s 2-parter on The Rise of the Lifestyle Nutritionists on Radio 4 (see update for MP3 links). We thought that it was an interesting exploration of the scientific rhetoric that is intended to lend respectability to nutritionism, and its adherents. Visiting Professor Patrick Holford was included as a notable example of a self-styled nutritionists who distorts research and reduces it to what was characterised as ‘a low and somewhat tabloid-y level of discourse’ with a hefty dose of promotion for supplements. We’ve just learned that it won the Norwich Union Healthcare Medical Journalism Award for National Radio, 2008. Continue reading

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Post #350: “If you think I have been overly critical, I would invite you to notice that they win”

This is our 350th post on HolfordWatch. Over the course of these posts, we have found a number of inaccuracies in Holford’s self-presentation and many serious errors in his work. These errors overwhelmingly remain uncorrected or inadequately corrected, and Holford has failed to respond to almost all of the issues raised (what responses we have had from Holford are not at all convincing). However, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Patrick Holford: despite embarrassingly poor-quality work, an inaccurate CV and very public demolitions of his research, Patrick Holford has achieved a great deal in his career, in academia and in the media.

While we have been running this blog, Holford managed to sell his Health Products for Life business to Biocare (owned by Neutrahealth, who 30% owned by Elder Pharmaceuticals) for £464,000, and currently works as Head of Science and Education at Biocare. We have ethical quibbles about taking money from the pharmaceutical industry – we don’t do it – but careers in this industry are competitive, and Holford should be congratulated for getting so much money from Biocare (and thus, indirectly, from Elder Pharmaceuticals).

Holford should also be congratulated for having his application to be a visiting professor at Teesside University approved Continue reading


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FOIA reply: what work did Holford do for Teesside University?

In Teesside’s Case for Support (PDF) for offering former Patrick Holford a Visiting Professorship at the University, Teesside not only referred to possible funding resulting from this but also discussed possibilities for “collaboration and joint working in a number of areas”. However, a FOIA request on this issue brought an interesting response. Teesside were asked for

A list of the work which Mr Holford has carried out for Teesside University, including any teaching and/or research supervision which he was involved in.

However, they replied that

Mr Holford has not undertaken any teaching or research supervision.

Given that Teesside only got a rather disappointing total of £592.03 in funding from Food for the Brain, and do not appear to have got much in the way of work from Holford, one wonders what they have taken from former Visiting Professor Patrick Holford’s time at the University? Continue reading


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Patrick Holford Now A Partner in Birmingham’s TriHealth Consultants Ltd

Former Visiting Professor Patrick Holford is still Head of Science and Education at Biocare so presumably they must believe that he enhances their reputation and scientific credibility. TriHealth Consultants Ltd must think likewise as the Birmingham Mail has announced that Holford has just joined the company as a partner. Continue reading


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CAM Magazine reports on Holford’s resignation from Teesside and on “hard-core science bloggers”

CAM Magazine has – to their credit – run a news item covering Patrick Holford’s resignation of his visiting professorship at Teesside University. In the July edition, CAM Magazine reports that “Holford’s appointment outraged hard-core science bloggers who stirred up an ongoing Internet ‘inquiry’ into both his qualifications and Teesside’s motives.” Continue reading


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Visiting Professor Patrick Holford, Not Even for a Thousand Days

Patrick Holford on ITV Lunchtime 16 April 2008
So, it’s farewell to the Visiting Professorship (please click that link to demonstrate the fabulousness that is JKN) for Former Visiting Professor Patrick Holford but still Head of Science and Education at Biocare.

Holford and Teesside had a relationship that saw him enjoying the fruits of his professorship for far short of a 1000 days. But it was probably enough for both parties to have had a lasting impact on each other and to have parted with mutual regret.

No flowers by request. Champagne donations probably gratefully received by the noted scholars and researchers who were being linked to him by association. Continue reading


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