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CAM Magazine reports on Holford’s resignation from Teesside and on “hard-core science bloggers”

CAM Magazine has – to their credit – run a news item covering Patrick Holford’s resignation of his visiting professorship at Teesside University. In the July edition, CAM Magazine reports that “Holford’s appointment outraged hard-core science bloggers who stirred up an ongoing Internet ‘inquiry’ into both his qualifications and Teesside’s motives.” Continue reading


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Patrick Holford is an ex-Professor: he has resigned his Visiting Professorship at Teesside. UPDATE: Teesside’s Cactus Clinic also ceases to operate

HolfordWatch has just learned that Patrick Holford has resigned his post of Visiting Professor at Teesside; a call to Teesside confirms that the reception don’t have a record of any Professor Holford at the University. We don’t have any more details at the moment: we will post information as it arrives.

Clearly, this is good news: Holford does not produce professorial-standard work. We trust that Holford will update his CV ASAP, and that Teesside will soon put out a press release to clarify the situation. Continue reading


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Is Holford Teesside’s Professor of Nutrition?

Here at HolfordWatch, we are a bit puzzled as to Holford’s position at Teesside: it is no longer clear whether or not he is visiting professor of nutrition at the University. As far was we know, Holford’s appointment was in Teesside’s school of Social Sciences and law. As HolfordMyths notes, Teesside previously told Holford that he should “not use the title of “Visiting Professor in Mental Health & Nutrition”. Continue reading


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Professor Patrick Holford and the Mainstream Media: A Love Story?

Holford Myths has asked an interesting question: Why Do Mainstream Media Promote Patrick Holford? We, too, are stumped by this. Of course, many journalists who have profiled Professor Holford of Teesside University have all but stated that he has fragrance, charm and charisma. They wax lyrical about the healthy breakfasts he prepares for them, the mood-enhancing pills he chummily shares, and rhapsodise about his knicknacks.

They should write about his research sometime and check his sums, they might experience a very different side to him. Continue reading


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Teesside doubt Prof Holford’s nutritional expertise?

We’ve been given some very interesting documents resulting from a Freedom of Information Act request: it seems like Teesside University were unhappy about their Professor Patrick Holford associating himself with the University’s (excellent) research on nutrition. (See Improbable Science for the FOIA documents.)

Tony Chapman (Teesside’s Assistant Dean for Enterprise) wrote to Holford on 24/8/07, to ask him to desist from referring to himself as “Visiting Professor in mental health and/or nutrition”. Chapman also asks Holford to make clear that he is in the School of Social Sciences and Law: Chapman informs Holford that

It would be helpful if you could refer to yourself as Visiting Professor in the School of Social Sciences and Law at the University of Teesside , rather than Visiting Professor, University of Teesside.

Going into more detail in a 6/9/07 memo, Chapman states that he and Holford “had a discussion about areas of expertise” (see Patrick Holford’s CV to get a sense of his level of nutritional expertise). As a result of this discussion,

Patrick has agreed not to refer to his position using the terms ‘mental health’ or ‘nutrition’. But will say that he is working with our ‘psychologists’. Continue reading


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Patrick Holford Flip-Flops on Sugary Drinks? (FFTB Survey Review Part 7)

Professor Patrick Holford of Teesside University and Head of Science and Education at Biocare has nothing but harsh words for sugared drinks in the Food for the Brain Child Survey 2007 (pdf) and elsewhere. However, he has just issued an endorsement for Rocks Organic Red Five Squash.[1] Continue reading


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Patrick Holford and More Oddities in the Biography and CV?

Two cats stare up at a presumably trapped creature, the caption reads, I'm afraid you'll find that escape is impossible

Patrick Holford has recently corrected the dates of his degree which must be helpful to the Conferment Committee at the University of Teesside who awarded him the post as Visiting Professor. There have been several more amendments to Patrick Holford’s profile on his website but there are surprising inconsistencies that still exist.

Holford Watch is interested in whether or not there is any need to correct the title of Holford’s degree. Holford writes that his BSc is in Experimental Psychology (pdf) but the Registrar of York refers to him as a graduate in Psychology in an email to Prof David Colquhoun. Continue reading


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